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Actual cleft lip adult patient Kirsten smiling with before photo being held next to face.

Does Cleft Lip or Palate Repair in Adulthood Improve Self-Confidence?

What is cleft rhinoplasty? Why is cleft rhinoplasty so complex? What is recovery like after the rhinoplasty procedure?  Cleft lip or palate Lip or Palate Repair in adulthood is known to improve self-confidence in patients who elect to have the surgery.  A cleft lip or palate are birth defects that can occur together or separately …

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Dr. Gross using Computer Imaging for assessing rhinoplasty in Orlando, FL

What Would I Look Like With a Nose Job? How to Predict Your Rhinoplasty Results

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like after rhinoplasty, you may have found yourself experimenting with filters and apps that allow you to try out a “virtual nose job.” With just a few taps and swipes, you can supposedly see how a smaller, straighter, more symmetrical nose would change your face. But can …

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Primera medical staff member preparing male patient for laser mole removal on side of head

Mole Removal with the SmartXide DOT Laser

What is the SmartXide DOT laser? How can laser technology help with moles? Is mole removal right for you? It took Samuel Rodriguez 43 years to remove a mole and now that it's done, he says, “Honestly, I’m happier now that it’s gone.” Samuel is a laser resurfacing patient at our Orlando facial surgery practice, …

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Woman in Orlando, FL smiling after Ultherapy treatments

Ultherapy®: Does It Really Work?

As you enter your late 30s, you may begin to see the signs of a common problem: loose, saggy skin. Facial aging often develops along the lower face and jawline, creating jowls, wrinkles, or even a double chin. Ultherapy® is the go-to skin tightening treatment for our Orlando patients because it can significantly delay the …

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Buccal fat removal before and after photos of actual patient in Orlando

Buccal Fat Removal

Why would I need buccal fat removal? Am I a good candidate for buccal fat removal surgery? What is buccal fat removal surgery like? Buccal fat removal, also called cheek reduction surgery or buccal lipectomy, is the process of thinning the cheeks and redefining facial angles by removing the “extra padding” in your cheeks. It …

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Fraxel® laser treatments

Why Fraxel Is Your Anti-Aging Secret Weapon

Facial skin is very delicate and can easily show signs of aging, such as brown spots, wrinkles, and uneven texture. If you're like many of my patients, these issues make you look older than you feel. As a facial plastic surgeon, I perform various rejuvenating procedures that can be customized to your needs. But a …

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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Restores Confidence, Improves Patient’s Breathing

What is rhinoplasty? How does a rhinoplasty work? Are nose jobs safe? How long is recovery from rhinoplasty? Sara suffered a broken nose with a deviated septum more than a decade ago. Over the years, she noticed her nose was growing crooked and had an unsightly bump on it. After researching rhinoplasty options in Orlando …

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Kybella injection treatments

Kybella Treatments Give Patient Leaner Neck

What are Kybella Injection Treatments? How Are Kybella Injection Treatments Done? What Should I Expect After Kybella Injection Treatments? London Martinez worked hard to naturally change the look of her neck, but when she needed a little extra help to achieve the look she desired, she turned to Edward J. Gross, M.D., a double board-certified …

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string rhinoplasty

What is String Rhinoplasty?

What is string rhinoplasty? Will a string rhinoplasty help or benefit me? Is a string rhinoplasty better than a surgical rhinoplasty? Originating in Asia, the non-surgical nose thread lifting procedure is called a “lunchtime nose job” or a string rhinoplasty. Many of my Orlando patients ask about the procedure, so let’s look at string rhinoplasty …

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