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Lip fillers can do much more than create a sensuous pout—although that’s certainly one of the benefits of lip injections. In addition to adding volume, lip fillers at our Orlando, FL, practice can create symmetry, lift the corners of the mouth, define the Cupid’s bow, enhance the lip border, and smooth out lip lines and wrinkles. The versatility of lip fillers is one of the reasons lip injections are among the most popular treatments with patients from Winter Park, Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, and Daytona Beach who visit us at Primera Plastic Surgery.  

Your Choice of Injector Matters 

Lip injections require both technical skill and an artistic eye to create the results patients want. You’ve probably seen examples of over-inflated lips and other ways that lip fillers can produce a less-than-desirable appearance. Our master injectors, along with board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Edward J. Gross, all have extensive experience using lip fillers in numerous situations.

 Before & After Photos

Case: 1 of 9
Case: 1 of 9
Juvederm Vollure | Lip Filler | Primera Plastic Surgery | Orlando, FL
Juvederm Vollure | Lip Filler | Primera Plastic Surgery | Orlando, FL
Case: 1 of 8

This 22-year-old woman wanted fuller lips while maintaining a natural look. Our nurse practitioner recommended Juvederm Vollure to give her lips a subtle enhancement. She's very pleased with the results of her treatment!"We use only FDA-approved products at Primera for safety, longevity, and natural results," says Dr. Gross. Read More
Juvederm Vollure | Lip Filler | Primera Plastic Surgery | Orlando, FL
Juvederm Vollure | Lip Filler | Primera Plastic Surgery | Orlando, FL
Case: 2 of 8

This young woman wanted fuller, more prominent lips. Our certified Nurse Practitioner recommended Juvederm Vollure to achieve the results pictured. Her lips are fuller while retaining a natural look and balance. At Primera, we only use FDA-approved products which are safe and long-lasting. Read More
Before & After JUVÉDERM® Case 405 view-1 View in Orlando, Florida
Before & After
Case: 3 of 8

Before and after results for lip augmentation with Juvederm Ultra. A natural result is key for successful treatment of the lips. The lip lines are gone and the volume is improved. Patients return to school or work the same day. We use FDA-approved products for natural results.

  Read More
Lip Filler | Orlando, FL
Lip Filler | Orlando, FL
Case: 4 of 8

This Orlando woman complained of thin lips and wanted fuller lips. One syringe of Juvéderm Ultra was used to plump her lips. Results are immediate and last approximately 6 months. A natural look and long-lasting result is desired. Read More
Before & After JUVÉDERM® Case 936 Left Oblique View in Orlando, Florida
Before & After
Case: 5 of 8

This Orlando woman wanted to add volume to her cheeks and lips while still retaining a natural look. She consulted with our certified nurse practitioner who applied Juvederm Voluma to her cheeks and Juvederm Volbella to her lips. Her after photo shows subtle plumpness in both areas, giving her a more youthful yet natural look.  Read More
438- Juvederm for Mouth Lines
Before & After
Case: 6 of 8

This Jacksonville area woman complained of parentheses or nasolabial folds. A single treatment with Juvederm was used. She was treated in our  Orlando/ Lake Mary, FL office for a younger looking face. No down time is required and results are immediate, She is very happy. Read More
Lip filler | Orlando
Lip filler | Orlando
Case: 7 of 8

This 25-year-old Orlando woman wanted a cosmetic rhinoplasty and fuller lips.  We performed nose surgery/ nose job to reduce the size of the nose and also provided Juvederm Ultra/ Lip Filler to give the lips more volume. A balanced and natural look is achieved. Read More
Lip filler | Orlando
Lip filler | Orlando
Case: 8 of 8

Lip filler | Orlando. this Orlando area woman wanted for her lips.  We treated with Juvederm Ultra to achieve these results, which were immediate.  Lip filler typically last 6 months, sometimes one year.  There is no downtime with HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers. Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Multiple dermal fillers can be used for lip injections, depending on the specific concerns being addressed and the product that injectors believe will produce the best results. At our Orlando practice, we use lip fillers such as Restylane® Kysse™ and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC to create natural-looking results. Both fillers are formulated with hyaluronic acid, a substance the body naturally produces. One of the benefits of HA fillers is that the outcome can be reversed using an enzyme if a patient isn’t happy with the results.

What’s the Difference Between Lip Fillers?

When choosing the correct filler for lip injections, our injectors first discuss patients’ aesthetic goals because not all lip fillers are the same. Some fillers are smoother than others, and there may be a difference in how long one filler lasts compared to another.

The lip fillers we typically use are all FDA approved: 

JUVÉDERM Ultra XC: Patients who want slight or moderate changes in the shape of their lips are good candidates for Ultra XC, which is made up of smaller particles than most other lip fillers. It also tends to create a more pillowy look.  

JUVÉDERM VOLLURE®: This filler produces the softest results of the fillers in the JUVÉDERM family of products. It’s useful both for patients who want subtle changes and those who want more dramatic results. VOLLURE lip injections can last up to 18 months, which is longer than most other fillers.  

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA®: VOLBELLA is approved by the FDA specifically for lip augmentation and to minimize wrinkles around the lips. It is silkier and thinner than VOLLURE.  

Restylane Kysse: The most recent addition to the lip-filler menu, Restylane Kysse uses proprietary cross-linking technology to add volume, smooth lip lines, and create results that move naturally when your lips move. Restylane Kysse results typically last up to 1 year.  

Do Lip Injections Hurt?

Lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the face, so many patients worry about experiencing discomfort during lip injections. Even though lip fillers—like most dermal fillers—are pre-mixed with a local anesthetic to minimize pain, we also apply a topical numbing cream before the injections and ice during the treatment. After the treatment, we supply patients with a reusable ice pack for the lips to limit swelling and bruising, in addition to easing discomfort. You can also reduce the chances of bleeding or bruising by not taking blood-thinning supplements and medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, starting about a week before your appointment. We also recommend abstaining from drinking alcohol for 48 hours prior to treatment.

Do Lip Fillers Stop Working?

Fillers stretch tissues under the lips’ surface, which may require more filler over time to produce the desired results. Younger patients whose skin and lips retain most of their elasticity are less likely to experience this. It’s important to discuss a long-term treatment plan with your injector if you’re concerned about “filler fatigue.”

How Long After Lip Injections Can You Kiss?

When you have more kissable lips, this is a question patients want answered. Your lips will feel a bit tender after the lip injections, so we recommend limiting kisses to a quick peck during the first 48 to 72 hours after your treatment, until swelling and any minor bruising subsides.

Next Steps 

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