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Woman who maintains her facelift with cosmetic injectables and good skin care

How To Make Your Facelift Results Last

A facelift in Orlando is an excellent way to turn back the clock and restore your face to the way it looked 10 or so years ago. Unfortunately, nothing can stop the aging process altogether. So while you will still develop some signs of aging over the years after a facelift, there are a few …

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Dr. Gross

Difference Between a Facial Plastic Surgeon and a General Plastic Surgeon

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that almost 16 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are performed annually in the U.S., but finding the right type of plastic surgeon can be confusing. Did you know there are different kinds of plastic surgeons performing a vast array of cosmetic and general procedures? The terms …

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Facial Plastic Surgeon

Why You Should Trust Your Face To A Facial Plastic Surgeon

If you’re thinking about having some sort of aesthetic injectable procedure performed using Botox or facial fillers, it’s important to know the person performing your procedure is as proficient, well-trained, and experienced as possible. Let’s face it, in Lake Mary and surrounding areas there is no shortage of options to have these procedures done. Just …

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Man with strong chin

Looking to Chisel Your Chin? Here Are Your Options

Many men and women struggle with the look of their chin. After all, a well-defined chin conveys strength and confidence. Sculpting a sharper jawline or adding volume to a naturally small chin with treatments such as Restylane® fillers or Ultherapy® skin tightening at our Orlando-area practice can help you feel better about your facial profile. …

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Cosmetic Treatments for Men at Primera Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Treatments for Dad

We’ve all heard about Mommy Makeovers, but what about procedures for dad? More and more men are pursuing cosmetic options to keep them looking refreshed and youthful. For example, treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic at our Orlando plastic surgery center provide a great way to subtly rejuvenate a man's face without undergoing plastic surgery. Why …

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Natural-looking, attractive woman smiling at camera

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Facelift Options

Typically, our faces and necks are the first places to show signs of aging. Sun exposure, pollution, lifestyle, and genetics are just a few factors that affect the way our skin ages. Sometimes, regardless of how healthy and young we feel, these factors can take a toll on how we look. We offer both surgical …

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Mature woman smiling at camera

Rethinking Skin Care After Your Facelift

Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, a facelift here in Orlando isn't simply a "set it and forget it" operation. While your results are likely to last for many years, your skin will have different needs. By meeting those needs with care, you can nourish your skin while it heals and prolong your results, too. Focus …

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Is it time for a facelift?

The Facelift Experience at Primera

There's no way around it: A facelift—whether here in Orlando or somewhere else—is a pretty intimate experience. Any surgery is because you're putting your body, quite literally, in the hands of a surgeon. It's particularly true with plastic surgery, though, because you’re entrusting your appearance as well as your health to your chosen surgeon. You …

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Learn why computer imaging matters for facelift surgery in Orlando.

Success, Visualized: The Power of Computer Imaging

Deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is a big leap of faith. You're trusting a surgeon to interpret your aesthetic goals, then draw from his or her surgical expertise to produce a (hopefully) stunning result. I'm proud to earn that trust with my rhinoplasty and facelift patients every single day here at our Orlando practice -- …

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Strategies to look younger this year without a facelift in Orlando

3 Strategies to Look Younger in the New Year

I often meet the most new faces this time of year. There is something about ringing in the new year and the celebration of Father Time that reminds us of our lot from Mother Nature: how quickly we exhibit the signs of aging, how well our skin weathers decades of sun damage, and whether the …

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