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Actual cleft lip adult patient Kirsten smiling with before photo being held next to face.

Does Cleft Lip or Palate Repair in Adulthood Improve Self-Confidence?

What is cleft rhinoplasty? Why is cleft rhinoplasty so complex? What is recovery like after the rhinoplasty procedure?  Cleft lip or palate Lip or Palate Repair in adulthood is known to improve self-confidence in patients who elect to have the surgery.  A cleft lip or palate are birth defects that can occur together or separately …

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Dr. Gross using Computer Imaging for assessing rhinoplasty in Orlando, FL

What Would I Look Like With a Nose Job? How to Predict Your Rhinoplasty Results

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like after rhinoplasty, you may have found yourself experimenting with filters and apps that allow you to try out a “virtual nose job.” With just a few taps and swipes, you can supposedly see how a smaller, straighter, more symmetrical nose would change your face. But can …

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Primera medical staff member preparing male patient for laser mole removal on side of head

Mole Removal with the SmartXide DOT Laser

What is the SmartXide DOT laser? How can laser technology help with moles? Is mole removal right for you? It took Samuel Rodriguez 43 years to remove a mole and now that it's done, he says, “Honestly, I’m happier now that it’s gone.” Samuel is a laser resurfacing patient at our Orlando facial surgery practice, …

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