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Kybella injection treatments

Kybella Treatments Give Patient Leaner Neck

What are Kybella Injection Treatments? How Are Kybella Injection Treatments Done? What Should I Expect After Kybella Injection Treatments? London Martinez worked hard to naturally change the look of her neck, but when she needed a little extra help to achieve the look she desired, she turned to Edward J. Gross, M.D., a double board-certified …

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Man with strong chin

Looking to Chisel Your Chin? Here Are Your Options

Many men and women struggle with the look of their chin. After all, a well-defined chin conveys strength and confidence. Sculpting a sharper jawline or adding volume to a naturally small chin with treatments such as Restylane® fillers or Ultherapy® skin tightening at our Orlando-area practice can help you feel better about your facial profile. …

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Learn about our non-surgical treatments

4 Common KYBELLA™ FAQs, Answered

As a facial plastic surgeon, I often meet patients in Orlando who long for a more contoured profile, but aren't ready for surgical intervention, such as a facelift, chin implant, or liposuction. Until recently, there were few non-surgical alternatives to correct submental fullness, most commonly known as "double chin." But a new injectable treatment has …

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