Kybella Treatments Give Patient Leaner Neck

London Martinez worked hard to naturally change the look of her neck, but when she needed a little extra help to achieve the look she desired, she turned to Edward J. Gross, M.D., a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Primera Plastic Surgery. Dr. Gross recommended Kybella injection treatments to help give her a contoured, younger and leaner neck.

“The biggest benefit of being a patient at Primera is the personal attention I receive with all of the treatments, every appointment, every session,” says London.

London recalls her first visit to Primera and how welcome Dr. Gross and his team made her feel. 

She adds, “I was so impressed by Dr. Gross and the Primera team, the passion and the experience that they have when I had my consultation with Dr. Gross. His bedside manner is amazing.”

London underwent a series of Kybella injections to her lower neck, upper neck area and under her chin to reduce the amount of fat underneath her skin. She also received Radiesse injections to stimulate her neck’s natural collagen production.

What are Kybella Injection Treatments?

KybellaKybella injection treatments are approved by the FDA to reduce the stubborn submental fat that can cause double chins or add more volume to the neck than a patient wants. The Kybella injection is sometimes referred to as the “double chin shot.” 

Kybella contains a synthetic form of a chemical called deoxycholic acid, which the body produces naturally. It breaks down and removes dietary fat. Kybella is clinically shown to reduce fat underneath the skin in the treated area. These non-surgical treatments work well to give a patient a sleeker, younger-looking neck.

Even though Kybella is a non-surgical treatment option, it still requires specific training to administer the injections correctly. The facial aesthetic specialist must also have knowledge about facial and neck anatomy to make sure the best treatment is selected for the patient. An individual with sagging skin on the neck might not use Kybella treatments because they are not designed to tighten skin. The physician might recommend an alternative treatment such as neck liposuction or a neck lift in some cases. 

How Are Kybella Injection Treatments Done?

Kybella treatments are done with a series of injections during each office visit, and the patient normally has a few sessions lasting 30 minutes each time. The physician will design a customized treatment plan after assessing the skin’s laxity and the amount of fat present in the area being treated. 

The facial aesthetic specialist typically prepares for the procedure by drawing a grid on the chin or neck, showing the exact locations where injections will be made. They may use a local anesthetic to make the patient comfortable.

The provider injects Kybella just underneath the skin’s surface in the neck, and it destroys fat cells over time. The body’s natural metabolic processes remove those fat cells as they die. The process causes a noticeable reduction in the amount of fat underneath the surface of the skin. 

What Should I Expect After Kybella Injection Treatments?

neck fillerMore fat cells are removed from the neck or injected area with each treatment session, leaving a natural neck contour and a thinner look. Most patients begin to see results after 2 treatments which are usually administered one month apart. Optimal results for a sleeker-looking neck might require 3 or 4 treatment sessions. 

Kybella treatments involve minimal downtime because the patient does not undergo a surgical procedure as they would with neck liposuction. After the injections, a patient might experience swelling for 3 or 4 days, bruising, numbness, redness or hardness in the area which was treated. These temporary side effects normally go away within a few days. Some patients schedule their Kybella sessions on Friday to recover over the weekend. 

After many years of looking for a way to create a thinner looking neck, London is satisfied with the results of her Kybella injection treatments and her now younger, leaner looking neck. She’s been a patient with Primera Plastic Surgery since 2015. London says the staff remembers her name each time she visits the office, and they always ask if she is happy with her results.

“He did a great job at being, like a genuine approach with my concerns, and the whole experience was just amazing,” she says.

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