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The computer imaging system (United Imaging ®) used by Dr. Edward J. Gross is a very powerful tool for assessing a patient’s anatomy, facial features, and balance; for teaching with visual aids; and, most importantly, for developing a concept of potential results for plastic surgery patients from Orlando, Winter Park, Tampa, Melbourne, Ocala, The Villages, and Daytona Beach. Over the years, this has become an indispensable part of the Primera practice and sets Dr. Gross’ skills apart from all others.

Very few practices have this advanced technology or offer the experience that Dr. Gross has developed over 25 years of performing both the computer imaging and the surgery. In fact, we are listed on page 1 of a national search result on Google for Computer Imaging Rhinoplasty. Request a consultation online today, or call our office at (407) 333-3040.

computer imaging before and after for case 697

Brittaney - Case #697

Brittaney is 25 years old and was concerned with the overall appearance of her nose. Her bridge was wide and the nostrils wider than she preferred. Dr. Gross’ imaging showed her the possible results, but she is even happier with her actual 1-month results showing a thinner, more refined nose. Computer imaging played a key role in her rhinoplasty consultation and surgery. Now she loves her new look! Learn more about Brittaney's case here.

computer imaging before and after for case 701

Lauren - Case #701

Lauren is 19 years old and was unhappy with the width, the dorsal hump and her overly prominent nose. Once she had her consultation and saw the computer imaging done by Dr. Gross, she was very excited. She was even more thrilled to see her actual results at her 6-month follow up after surgery. Computer imaging helped her imagine what could be with surgery. She feels more confident than ever. Learn more about Lauren's case here.

computer imaging before and after for case 714

Russell - Case #714

Dr. Russell is 43 and was concerned with the look of his nose after receiving primary rhinoplasty years ago. He wanted a more refined but still masculine look for his nose and to minimize his wide, flared nostrils and drooping tip. Once he had his consultation and saw the computer imaging done by Dr. Gross, he was very excited to schedule and move forward with his procedure. His 'After' picture at 1 year shows what a natural enhancement was achieved. He says the revision has made all the difference in his confidence. Learn more about Russell's case here.

computer imaging before and after for case 700

Melissa - Case #700

Melissa is 48 years old, and not only did she have breathing issues that weren’t completely repaired in a previous procedure, but she still experienced asymmetry of the tip/nostrils, as well as flared nostrils and a dorsal hump. She was nervous about another surgery until her consultation and computer imaging were done with Dr. Gross. She felt overjoyed with her 1-year results, not only with the beautiful more symmetrical look of her nose, but the improved breathing as well. Learn more about Melissa's case here.

computer imaging before and after for case 702

Sierra - Case #702

Sierra is 21 years old and was looking for a more petite and refined shape to her nose. Sierra knew she had found the right surgeon after she had her consultation and imaging done by Dr. Gross. Computer imaging was the deciding factor in her consultation and surgery. Her 3-month results show the soft, refined, and natural beauty of the nose she had been hoping for. Now she’s more confident when looking at her reflection and taking pictures! Learn more about Sierra's case here.

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About Computer Imaging

Dr. Gross primarily uses computer imaging for rhinoplasty (nose surgery), chin and profile surgery, facelift and mini lift surgery, eyelid lifts, and ear pinning (otoplasty). Seeing a representation of your own face on the computer imager is a much more useful tool than before-and-after photographs of other patients, according to Dr. Gross. It also sets a template or roadmap for surgery, which is customized for each patient’s unique anatomy.

After your personal consultation with Dr. Gross, we email the digital images to you. You can then discuss and share them with family members and friends.

Edward J. Gross, M.D.

Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

With 24 years in practice, Dr. Gross’ quality of care and results have earned the confidence and referrals of doctors throughout the region. His emphasis on patient education helps the men and women he treats feel comfortable and supported during their treatment.

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Computer analysis allows Dr. Gross to take careful measurements of each patient’s nose and facial profile angles and then show estimated surgical results. Computer imaging is an excellent teaching aid for our patients. We show these images on a large-screen monitor during surgery in our AAAASF operating room for Dr. Gross to review and follow for a very detailed and customized surgical plan.

“With this technology, we can show the anticipated results of surgery to a high degree of certainty, as well as explain the anatomy. All of this leads to a more informed, confident, and happy patient.”
– Dr. Gross

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