Fraxel logo The Fraxel® laser is a revolutionary, FDA-approved laser treatment that subtracts years from your appearance. Fraxel is the pioneer of fractional photothermolysis, a technology in which thousands of microscopic laser columns, each just 1/10 of the diameter of a hair follicle, treat a fraction of the skin at a time without affecting the surrounding tissue. These laser columns stimulate the production of younger, smoother, healthier skin to replace damaged tissue. Dr. Edward J. Gross and his certified physician assistant serve Fraxel laser skin treatment patients from Orlando and other Florida cities.

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Fraxel® Laser Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Case: 1 of 4
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Case #26

Ashley. Fraxel Laser.  Acne scarring was treated with Fraxel Laser at Primera Plastic Surgery in Lake Mary, FL. Six sessions were needed to reduce and smooth the small scars on the cheeks. The sessions are done 1 month apart with a topical numbing cream. Down time is minimal.Watch Dr. Gross perform Fraxel on Ashley >> Read More
Fraxel laser for acne scarring- Orlando
Fraxel laser for acne scarring- Orlando
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Fraxel laser for acne scarring- Orlando

Fraxel laser for acne scarring- Orlando.  This patient consulted for acne scarring and hyperpigmentation of the cheeks, this is a common condition in African American skin types, according to Dr. Gross. We treated with the Fraxel laser 6 times to achieve these results.  We also used a combination of Hydroquinone 4%, a topical bleaching... Read More
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Fraxel Laser | Forehead Scar | Orlando, FL

Fraxel laser | chickenpox scar  | Orlando Florida. This patient was bothered by a chickenpox scar on the forehead. We treated with the Fraxel laser 3 times to markedly improve her scar. The procedure is done as an outpatient in our Lake Mary office and takes 20 minutes. She is very happy.  Fraxel laser is in erbium based laser which is... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Proven Techniques, Outstanding Results

Fraxel can be used for many skin types and several skin concerns, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Crow’s feet
  • Acne and chicken pox scars
  • Melasma
  • Sun spots
  • Stretch marks
  • Lip lines
  • Sun-damaged chest and hands

Ask us about alternative laser treatments, such as the Pulsed Dye Laser or the YAG laser which may better suit your needs.

Fraxel Laser With a Facial Aesthetic Specialist

We first assess your skin with VISIA™ complexion analysis, a digital imaging system that can see beneath the skin’s surface. This provides us with detailed information on the skin’s health and establishes a baseline for treatment. We then customize a Fraxel laser treatment plan specifically for each individual.

Our practice uses the Fraxel re:store 1500, which has broad uses for all skin types. We can control variables such as the laser’s energy level, treatment level, and the number of passes for each individual patient.

We pass the laser handpiece across the skin in precise patterns specific to your skincare needs. You will feel a mild pinprick sensation, which you should tolerate well. We use a stream of cold air from the Zimmer cooler to reduce discomfort. We then apply a cool facemask to reduce swelling.

Because Fraxel is a fractional procedure, it treats about 20% of the skin’s surface each time it is used, promoting faster healing. We usually recommend 3 to 4 treatments per patient about a month apart for best results.

“Fraxel does a great job smoothing out lines and erasing sun damage for baby boomers.”
– Dr. Gross

How Much Do Fraxel Laser Treatments Cost?

At Primera Plastic Surgery near Orlando, prices for some of the most commonly treated areas are as follows:

  • Full face: $1,200
  • Neck: $525
  • Hands: $525

Because we customize each Fraxel laser treatment to the patient’s specific needs and desired results, it’s impossible to offer an exact quote via the internet. In general, During your consultation, you will receive a more precise estimate that reflects the specifications of your treatment. We offer patient financing options to help patients work laser resurfacing and any complementary treatments into their budgets.

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What to Expect

For most of our Fraxel patients, we apply a highly effective topical numbing cream called BLT to the targeted areas prior to the laser treatment. In some cases, we prescribe a mild sedative and analgesic for a more comfortable experience. Fraxel treatments generally last 30 minutes.

We recommend a post-laser skincare regimen consisting of Primera Pharmaceuticals aloe cort, a gentle cleanser, a facial moisturizer, and a sunblock. Most patients can return to school or work the following day, and some need just a day off to recover. Patients should avoid sun exposure for a month. To check healing, we schedule a follow-up visit after a week.

“Most Floridians over the age of 30 will benefit from Fraxel therapy.”
– Dr. Gross

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