What is the Best Age for Rhinoplasty?

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18-year-old rhinoplasty patient, Brianna (actual patient)

A frequent question that is asked during rhinoplasty consultation is, what is the best age to have a nose job? The best age for rhinoplasty is generally age 16-35. The youngest age for rhinoplasty in women is age 15 and for a young man it is age 16. Why the difference? Typically, females mature faster than males and we want to ensure that the growth plates are complete in the face which occurs at those ages above.  It is also a good idea to avoid injury or contact sports following cosmetic rhinoplasty. I encourage patients to complete the required sports activities before they undertake a rhinoplasty.

There are some patients who wait for rhinoplasty until age 40 and older and still have very nice results. The reasons quoted for waiting are #1, I wanted to wait for my children to grow up, #2, I had a sense of guilt about changing something that God gave me, #3 I finally have the financial foundation to move forward with this cosmetic procedure. Regardless, a cosmetic rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose or remove a pump or straighten a crooked nose or lift the tip and make it smaller are gratifying at any age and are extremely rewarding and life-changing for the patient. The oldest patient I have operated on for cosmetic rhinoplasty so far is age 84.

Providing the patient is in good health, age is really not a factor in determining who can be a rhinoplasty candidate the majority of patients that I take care of for nose jobs are teenagers or young adults. The beautiful thing about rhinoplasty is for a small investment of time, usually 1 week, the nose and profile can be changed forever which is a fantastic return on investment and hugely rewarding to me as a facial plastic surgeon.

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16-year-old Rhinoplasty patient, Kristine (actual patient)

The featured image on this blog post is on an actual patient who was 16 years old at the time.  Kristine had wanted a nose job since seventh grade when other children teased her about the size of her nose.

After meeting with Kristine and her parents, we performed computer imaging to show her an anticipated result.  She was very excited and we completed her nose surgery over the summer before she completed her next year of high school.



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