True or False? 5 BOTOX® Cosmetic Myths – Busted

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BOTOX is popular in our Winter Park med spa thanks to its longstanding, established safety and efficacy. But it seems that the myths surrounding BOTOX continue to grow along with its popularity. In this blog post, let’s examine 5 of the most common ones.

  • Myth: You can’t lie down after BOTOX.

Fact: You certainly can, but you should proceed with caution. This myth comes from the belief that BOTOX needs time to “settle” properly under your skin. Lying down within a few hours of your appointment isn’t likely to affect your results, especially since injections use only a small amount of product. However, it is a good idea to avoid intense exercise for a few hours before and after your treatment. By keeping your pulse and blood pressure low, you can help maximize the accuracy and final look of your results.

  • Myth: You can buy BOTOX online.

Fact: Authentic BOTOX is only available for purchase by licensed physicians. If you see BOTOX for sale online, it’s likely the product is diluted or even tainted. Additionally, BOTOX should only be administered by a trained injector. It’s not appropriate for home use and can cause serious side effects if injected by someone with no medical experience. Save yourself headaches, stress, and unfavorable results by seeing a board-certified physician for your treatment.

  • Myth: BOTOX will make your eyelids droop.

Fact: Eyelid ptosis (i.e, drooping), is a potential, albeit rare, side effect of BOTOX. When administered carefully by an experienced medical professional, BOTOX can actually create a “lifted” appearance in the brow. You can see a good example of this in these before-and-after photos of a previous patient.

BOTOX Before and After Photo

  • Myth: BOTOX can be injected into your lips.

Fact: BOTOX is not appropriate for lip injections. If you’re bothered by thin or uneven lips, injectable fillers are a better option. However, BOTOX can be used on certain types of wrinkles around the mouth to reduce their appearance.

  • Myth: You can’t move your forehead after a BOTOX treatment.

Fact: The purpose of a BOTOX treatment isn’t to completely freeze your facial features. Instead, it’s intended to subtly minimize the appearance of wrinkles by reducing mobility in certain areas. A quality BOTOX treatment will not leave your forehead, or any other large area of your face, immobile. You’ll be able to make a full range of normal facial expressions after BOTOX.

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