What to Expect During Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Appointment

Learn what to expect during your BOTOX appointment with Dr. Gross in Orlando.

Thanks to its convenience, ease, and proven wrinkle-smoothing results, BOTOX is by far one of the most popular procedures we perform here in the office. There are plenty of physicians who offer BOTOX throughout greater Orlando — but I’m proud to say that even with so many options, my regular patients keep coming back because they love their consistent results and know exactly what to expect.

If you’re planning your first BOTOX treatment, or simply your first visit to my office, it’s good to know what will be happening during that 30 minutes to an hour that you’ll spend here with us. Here’s a step-by-step guide to exactly what you can expect.


Your appointment begins with a frank discussion with me about the results you’d like to see and the specific areas of your face you’d like to treat. If this is your first BOTOX injection, we may determine that you’re actually a better candidate for another injectable, such as JUVÉDERM®.

Because BOTOX is best at treating dynamic wrinkles (i.e., wrinkles that form from repeated facial expression), we may decide to combine injectables to address wrinkles in other areas, treating multiple areas of your face at once.


After our chat, I’ll take a look at your face, focusing on your specific areas of concern. During the examination, we note your facial shape, structure, and the way your face changes when you make certain expressions to help plan the treatment.


Using a washable marker, we then carefully mark your face to provide a guide during the injection process. Depending on your individual concerns, we’ll make marks on the corrugator muscle group (between the eyebrows), the frontalis muscle (the forehead), or the orbicularis oculi (corners of the eyes).


We use both a topical anesthetic and an ice pack to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible for your injections. Although BOTOX is not known for being especially uncomfortable, this step requires minimal effort, and it helps my patients feel less anxious.


The big moment has arrived! Once the anesthetic has taken effect, we’ll use a very fine needle to inject a small amount of the product just below your skin. For most patients, this feels like a small pinch, and it’s over in a matter of seconds.

We’ll then repeat the process in each of the areas that have been marked, wipe the area down, and ask you to sit still for a few moments. Afterward, you’re free to return home and go about your normal activities.


While BOTOX doesn’t require a significant amount of aftercare, there are still some steps you can take to help maintain your results and treat your skin well after your appointment. In this blog post from May, I share some of my favorite post-BOTOX care tips to help you get the most from your treatment.

To see the entire procedure from start to finish, check out this 5-minute video in which I treat a patient right here at Primera.

We hope to see you soon!

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