Is Nose Massage After Rhinoplasty Recommended?

A rhinoplasty can help you breathe easier and balance your facial features. While you may give a lot of thought to the surgery itself, proper rhinoplasty aftercare is critical to a smooth recovery and optimal results.

With this in mind, we’re covering essential aspects of your nose job recovery, including nose massage after rhinoplasty, compression exercises, and other tips I recommend to enhance your comfort and outcome. Ready to learn more?

Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 926 Right Side View in Orlando, Florida
Rhinoplasty Before and After by Dr. Gross in Orlando, FL
Before & After Rhinoplasty Case 949 Front View in Orlando, Florida
Rhinoplasty Before and After by Dr. Gross in Orlando, FL
Rhinoplasty Before and After by Dr. Gross in Orlando, FL
Rhinoplasty Before and After by Dr. Gross in Orlando, FL

Why Is Nasal Massage After Rhinoplasty Beneficial?

Bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty are common and may occur for several weeks or months before gradually subsiding. Among the many instructions detailed in your post-op protocol are my recommendations to keep your head elevated and apply a cold compress after rhinoplasty.

I also strongly recommend nasal exercises such as compression and fingertip massage. This helps push edema or tissue fluid out of the skin and subcutaneous tissues to relieve residual swelling.

By gently massaging your nose after rhinoplasty, you achieve these healing benefits:

  • Minimize visible swelling and bruising
  • Prevent scar tissue formation
  • Maintain your desired post-surgery nasal contours
  • Improve overall healing and recovery time

How To Massage Your Nose After Rhinoplasty

After a few weeks of healing, it’s safe (and beneficial) to start gently massaging your nose. About 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, performing compression and fingertip massage exercises helps alleviate swelling. However, it’s essential to understand how to perform nasal massage safely so you don’t disrupt the healing process.

While our full rhinoplasty post-op instructions contain detailed step-by-step instructions and illustrations, here’s a general overview of how to perform nose massage and compression after rhinoplasty:

Devote 2 minutes to nasal massage, 2 times daily, for 2 to 3 months

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a gentle cleanser before touching your nose
  • Using your index fingers, compress inward, making small circles as you move down the bridge of the nose
  • Apply gentle pressure and motions (like kneading bread)
  • Don’t exert too much pressure; this may compromise your nasal membrane and structure
  • Stop at the end of the nasal bridge bone and repeat at the top of the nose for 2 minutes

We recommend nose taping using 3M tape in conjunction with nasal massage. This assists in decreasing swelling, promoting fluid drainage, and lifting the nasal tip during healing.  

Warm vs. Cold Compresses After Rhinoplasty

I recommend applying cold compresses to your eyes and cheeks after rhinoplasty for optimal healing and comfort.  The cool compresses constrict blood vessels, which eases swelling, bruising, and other side effects. On the other hand, exposing vulnerable incisions and skin tissue to heat after surgery can exacerbate swelling and inflammation. Therefore, cold compresses are preferable during your rhinoplasty aftercare.

More Tips For Post-Rhinoplasty Healing & Comfort

Your new nose is highly vulnerable post-surgery. In addition to applying compresses and practicing nasal massage, you can minimize discomfort and promote optimal healing during nose job recovery by:

  • Staying hydrated to eliminate excess fluids from your system
  • Refraining from rigorous physical activity to avoid putting your healing nose in jeopardy
  • Limiting salt intake to minimize fluid retention
  • Taking medications as prescribed by your provider
  • Maintaining your post-op protocol and attending all scheduled follow-up visits

Why Choose Us for Your Nose Job?

As a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I’m passionate about performing rhinoplasty to help you achieve your ideal nose and boost your self-confidence. I also enjoy creating beautiful results for patients who need revision rhinoplasty due to unsatisfactory results created elsewhere. My customized treatment approach addresses your unique aesthetic goals and needs. Therefore, attaining your dream look may include combining your rhinoplasty with procedures like submentoplasty or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

I encourage you to watch this short video to learn more about why patients choose my practice to transform their facial appearance:

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