Is Buccal Fat Removal Permanent: Answers to Your “Chipmunk” Cheek Questions

Did you know that fat deposits in your cheeks are not related to body fat? You may have seen online videos touting facial exercises that reduce fat and contour your face. However, exercising and reducing calories won’t impact the fat that accumulates in your cheeks, also called buccal fat. Buccal fat is related to genetics and can only be removed by surgical methods.

If you are considering buccal fat removal, we answer some of your top questions about the procedure.

What Is Recovery Like After Buccal Fat Removal?

You will be happy to know that the recovery process is short and relatively easy. Most patients can resume their daily routine after 2 to 3 days. The most common side effect after this procedure is swelling, which should mostly subside after a couple of weeks—although some minor swelling may persist for up to a few months. Keeping your head elevated as much as possible during recovery helps minimizes swelling. If you have extensive swelling, use an ice pack to soothe your face.

Is Buccal Fat Removal Permanent?

You can consider buccal fat removal a long-term rather than permanent solution. Once we remove enlarged buccal fat, it’s gone forever. However, weight gain can cause your face to change shape. This is why it’s important to maintain the results of your procedure with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

How Soon Can I See My Results?

Swelling makes it difficult for most patients to see their final results for up to a few months. As the swelling decreases, you should begin to see your newly contoured profile develop. To learn more about what happens during a buccal fat removal procedure, read this related blog.

Does Buccal Fat Removal Age You?

This is a common question, especially considering that so many people use fillers and injectables to add volume to their faces. The goal of buccal fat removal is not to give your face a sunken appearance but to contour it by removing enlarged buccal fat pads. Your facial contours should have an elegant and shapely look after the procedure.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal Cost?

The cost of this procedure can range from $6,500 to $7,500, not including anesthesia or facility fees. However, the cost can vary per patient, and combining buccal fat removal with other procedures, such as chin liposuction, will affect the price. Your provider can give you information about the cost and available financing options at your consultation.

Buccal fat removal is a safe and effective way to get the facial contours that are perfect for you. These before and after photos show men and women who love their slimmer cheeks after buccal fat removal.

If you want to reshape your facial contours with buccal fat removal, request a consultation or call us at (407) 333-3040 to schedule an appointment.

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