My Specialized Approach to Buccal Fat Removal

Plastic surgeon describes cheek reduction at his Orlando practice

The image of a grandmother pinching her grandchild’s chubby cheeks is definitely endearing. But for some people, those round, childish cheeks persist into adulthood. That can be frustrating, especially for men and women who keep in good physical shape and would prefer a slimmer, more refined profile. The culprit is enlarged buccal fat, which is typically genetic. As one of the few plastic surgeons with the training to create natural-looking results through buccal fat removal in the Orlando area, I have a lot of experience with the procedure.

How is buccal fat removal performed?

Sometimes called cheek reduction, buccal fat removal is a delicate procedure I perform on an outpatient basis at our surgical center. I don’t use liposuction to remove the fat. Instead, the patient is put under a light general anesthetic, and I make small incisions on the inside of the mouth. Then I remove the small amount of enlarged fat that’s wedged between the cheek and the muscle that helps us chew. Once removed, the fat is gone for good. Buccal fat removal isn’t the most well-known facial procedure, but it can be highly effective in the right hands.

Because the surgery is highly technical, few surgeons specialize in buccal fat removal. By making incisions on the inside of the mouth, I leave no visible scars. The result is contoured cheeks that highlight the cheekbones but without a hollowed-out appearance.

Does buccal fat removal work?

Initial swelling may make it difficult to see your new, slimmer cheek and jawline, but once the swelling resolves, you should enjoy excellent results from buccal fat removal. You can see my patients’ newly defined cheeks and jawlines in my patients’ buccal fat removal before-and-after photos.

How long does buccal fat removal swelling last?

Although each patient’s experience is unique, swelling generally lasts several days to a couple of weeks. Recovery following the surgery differs depending on the individual patient, but most people return to their daily activities within just 2 to 3 days. It’s a surprisingly simple process for the patient that can result in a big change in confidence.

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