Your Guide to Facial Rejuvenation Prices

Orlando plastic surgeon shares his guide to facial rejuvenation prices.

The question of price is by far one of the most common I hear from my patients. And why not? Plastic surgery is rarely covered by insurance, and most people recognize it as a major investment in their long-term well-being.

Although “How much?” is a common question, it can be a tough one to answer. The truth is that the cost of facial rejuvenation procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, can vary quite a bit from patient to patient. From BOTOX® Cosmetic to facelift surgery, each of the procedures I perform for my Orlando-area patients is customized to their unique needs, so the price is different each time.

Determining Your Cost

Some factors that affect the cost of treatment include the following:

  • The scope and significance of the procedure
  • Your personal condition
  • Your aesthetic goals
  • The cost of devices, such as facial implants

Some doctors prefer not to publicize the cost of their procedures, discussing them only during the consultation. But because I value transparency, I’m proud to offer pricing guidelines throughout my website. For instance, my BOTOX page says that procedure usually runs from $300 to $600.

As you browse, keep in mind that the figures on each page are merely averages. I like to let my patients know where they are likely to stand, but there are always outliers, and the price of your individual procedure may vary.

Your Most Economical Solution

If you’re looking for an economical option for treating facial aging, you’ll need to consider how non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation methods differ. Non-surgical treatments, which include injectables and laser treatments, can create impressive results at a fraction of the initial cost of surgery. I often recommend non-surgical procedures to patients who have less significant facial aging or are looking for a quick boost without a significant recuperation period.

However, these treatments require touch-ups for continuous maintenance, which means investing smaller amounts many times over the course of several years. They’re a great way for you to “test-drive” a new look without a long-term commitment, but they add up over time, so it’s also worth considering making a larger upfront investment in surgery if you want your results to last.

For patients interested in surgery, we offer financing options such as CareCredit® to help space payments out over time. Our office coordinators are happy to work with you to find treatments that meet your cosmetic goals and fit within your budget.

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