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Unlike other non-invasive procedures, Ultherapy specifically targets the deep foundation below the skin — typically addressed in cosmetic surgery — without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. This ultrasound technology ultimately stimulates the body's own natural collagen-building process to lift the skin over time. Dr. Edward J. Gross offers Ultherapy (also called Ulthera) for facial skin tightening. Orlando men and women can achieve a non-surgical facelift with this rejuvenation method.

Dr. Gross is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with more than 2 decades of experience. Request a consultation today, or call our office at (407) 333-3040.

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Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


Ultherapy® Case


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Case 379, Ultherapy® Orlando | Lake Mary

Beth. Ulthera. Age 52. This patient consulted in our Lake Mary office for help with tightening her jawline and neck. Ultherapy was performed with nice results firming her neck and her naso-labial fold is smoother. There is no recovery and no downtime.Location: Orlando   

Case 408, Ultherapy® Face & Neck Orlando

Ulthera Face & Neck | Orlando | Paul.  As a practicing dentist with a very active lifestyle, he requested Ulthera for no downtime. His treatment was performed at Primera Plastic Surgery under IV sedation and he did very well. His after photo is shown at 2 months and he is very pleased. 

Case 366, Laser Skin Resurfacing in Orlando

DOT Laser and Ulthera. Liz. Age 66.  This businesswoman consulted in our Winter Park office for sun damage, loss of facial volume, and drooping skin. She had the 'Primera Lift' with Ulthera, DOT CO2 Laser and Sculptra to achieve these non-surgical results. There was minimal downtime and no surgery. Years of sun damage were erased, jawline tightened and volume restored to her face. She is very happy. "Thank you Dr. Gross!"

Case 355, Ultherapy® Case

Jen. Age 44. Ulthera in Orlando. This patient consulted Dr. Gross for a double chin since high school. The trait ran in her family and had bothered her for years. Neck liposuction was performed with Submentoplasty in a 1 hour, outpatient procedure at Primera Surgery center and she did well. She also entered our Medical Weight loss program (Primera Slim Spa) and lost 26 lbs. in 3 months. Ulthera was performed to tighten and lift her jawline.  Her profile is much improved and she is very happy.

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Proven Techniques, Outstanding Results

Many men and women begin to see the first signs of facial aging sometime in their 30s. Early on, facial aging typically manifests itself as sagging or laxity, especially in the lower face, leading to jowls, a double chin, and even wrinkles and folds. Ultherapy can significantly delay the aging process by replenishing your skin's natural stores of collagen, a protein that's crucial for keeping skin firm and hydrated. As a result, you'll notice improved resilience in your treated skin and a sleeker, more defined profile. Typically, good candidates for Ultherapy include those who:

  • Have mild fullness under the chin and diminished jawline definition
  • Have good skin elasticity and mild sun damage
  • Are not surgical candidates or want to postpone surgery
  • Want to achieve greater longevity and tighter results after facial plastic surgery procedures

The process of physical aging depends on a few different factors, both environmental and hereditary, so there is no universally perfect time to begin Ultherapy. Instead, Dr. Gross evaluates your face and neck during your consultation to help you understand whether Ultherapy is right for you, or whether you may be a better candidate for a different procedure. For example, if your skin remains taut but you are concerned about a double chin, KYBELLA™ injections may be a good option. He may also recommend combining Ultherapy with treatments as part of a non-surgical facelift for more comprehensive results.

"This new ultrasound technology has revolutionized our ability to bring back a more youthful-looking face and neck without any surgery."

– Dr. Gross

Ultherapy With a Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist

A single Ultherapy treatment typically lasts about 60 minutes. During this time, your practitioner directs ultrasound energy beneath your skin through a specialized handpiece.

There are distinct benefits to Ultherapy:

  • It's fast: For many patients, the procedure can be completed in an hour or less.
  • It's nonsurgical: Ultherapy is completely noninvasive and doesn't require needles or surgery.
  • It's long-lasting: Because Ultherapy triggers production of new collagen, the results can last for years.

The results of your initial Ultherapy treatment take some time to build up and become visible. As your skin contracts and collagen becomes more plentiful, you'll begin to see improved definition and tightness in the treated areas. This process may take 2 to 3 months. Additional improvements can appear up to 6 months after a procedure, as this collagen growth process continues. Ultherapy is especially helpful under the chin, along the jawline, and at the lateral brow for lifting and tightening.

Some patients may benefit from more than 1 treatment. At Primera Plastic Surgery, we also recommend Ultherapy to enhance the tightening effect of surgical treatments such as neck lift, facelift or mini lift, and brow lift.

How Much Does Ultherapy Cost?

Each Ultherapy procedure is customized to suit the patient's exact specifications. Therefore, it's impossible to offer a quote via the Internet. However, patients at Primera Plastic Surgery can typically expect to pay between $3,000 and $4,000 in total for an Ultherapy procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Gross offers you a more precise estimate that reflects the specifications of your procedure. By choosing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Gross to perform your Ultherapy, you're ensuring a safe procedure and attractive results that complement your natural features.

Dr. Gross is also pleased to offer his patients financing options to help them work Ultherapy and any complementary treatments into their budgets.

A Smooth Recovery

Patients receive an oral sedative and an analgesic for their Ultherapy treatments, which generally require about 2 hours. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to reduce discomfort during this treatment. Nitrous oxide is a safe, short-acting analgesic similar to that used in sedation dentistry, and preferred by many patients. Most patients are quite comfortable with this combination.

Although many patients wish to take it easy for the remainder of the day, people who undergo Ultherapy can return to work or school the next day without redness or other signs of treatment. Additional treatments are possible after 6 to 12 months, but results generally last up to 3 years. Although the aging process will continue, you can maintain your results for as long as possible by avoiding unprotected sun exposure, practicing a good skincare regimen at home, and avoiding significant weight fluctuations, which can cause recurring sagginess.

"Ultherapy is ideal for those looking for a natural yet noticeable lift without surgery. It is also recommended after neck lift, mini lift, and liposuction to maintain the results and further tighten the deeper structures to help maintain the gains of surgery."

– Dr. Gross

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ultherapy be used as breast lift alternative?

There is no research that supports using Ultherapy on the breasts. It is approved by the FDA to reduce wrinkling and lines in the décolletage (i.e., the area of the chest just above the breasts), the face, and the neck.

How can I tell whether I need Ultherapy or a facelift?

Ultherapy tightens skin and minimizes wrinkles by triggering the production of new collagen. A facelift, on the other hand, surgically lifts and repositions tissue and muscle. The best treatment for a you will depend on your age, your cosmetic goals, the degree of skin laxity on your neck and jowls, and the extent (if any) of lost facial volume.

It's perfectly fine to be uncertain about which approach to take. You can discuss it in more detail during your consultation.

Is Ultherapy a good treatment for droopy eyelids?

Yes, Ultherapy is now FDA-approved as a nonsurgical brow lift procedure. The results are less predictable than having eyelid surgery or a surgical brow lift because it is a new option, but the treatment works well for the right candidates.

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