Want Brighter Eyes? 3 Options to Consider

As perhaps the most striking feature of the face, the eyes are a very common concern among my patients. Dark circles, bags, droopy skin, age spots, crow’s feet — there’s a long list of common eye issues. Fortunately, thanks to recent advances in non-surgical treatments and surgery alike, there’s also a comprehensive set of solutions for nearly any concern.

These are essentially 3 levels that patients can choose to improve the look of their eyes: at-home treatments, minimally invasive office procedures (such as BOTOX® Cosmetic), and eyelid surgery. I offer all 3 levels at my Orlando practice, so I thought it wise to share what I’ve learned about treating this tricky area. If you’ve got an eye-related cosmetic concern, here’s some more information about each level of care so you can determine whether you’re a good candidate:

    • At-home skin care: A great skin regimen can go a long way toward treating spots and hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and overall skin tone and texture around the eyes. Our Primera Pharmaceuticals skin care products include specialized creams and serums infused with vitamins and enzymes designed to repair and rejuvenate this delicate area. They include our Under Eye Repair Serum and Rejuvenating Eye Cream to help increase the skin’s firmness.
    • Smiling middle aged woman with beautiful eyes against black backroundMinimally invasive treatments: I perform BOTOX injections frequently to minimize crow’s feet and “worry lines” between the eyes. Early signs of lower eyelid aging are effectively treated with non-invasive blepharoplasty using dermal fillers. In addition, laser skin resurfacing is a good choice for patients who want to treat fine lines or sun-damaged skin around under the eyes. It’s especially effective for evening out skin tone.
    • Eyelid surgery: Despite impressive advances in non-surgical treatments in recent years, eyelid surgery remains 1 of the 5 top cosmetic surgery performed each year in the U.S. That’s because, as Dr. Stephen Park, the president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, says, “When it comes to rejuvenation procedures, blepharoplasty often offers the most bang for the buck.” I agree. Upper eyelids that droop, either because of age or heredity, can make patients appear tired even when they are rested. Under-eye bags or darkened tear troughs can have a similar effect. Eyelid surgery can treat these concerns both above and below the eyes.

Age, genetics, and a patient’s cosmetic goals are all factors when considering the right approach to take for optimal results. I often recommend combining treatments for a comprehensive rejuvenation. Be sure to meet with an experienced facial surgery specialist to find the right options for you.

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