Top 10 Reasons to try Botox & Dysport

1.         You’re tired of people asking you if you’re mad. Some studies show that people report better overall moods when they’ve used Botox for frown lines.  Researchers suspect that neurochemicals that are released when frowning can influence your overall sense of well-being.  Either that or all the compliments and comments on how refreshed you look are mood boosting.

2.         You’re tired of people asking you if you’re tired. This thoughtless comment slips out of your 20-something co-worker and the damage is done. Even though you did get 8 hours last night, gravity starts to grow stronger than the muscles that hold those eyes up.  So…would we look tired if we were in space? Hmmm.

3.         You want a little brow lift with no “down time”.  Do you feel like your eyebrows are sliding closer to your eyes? And it’s not a good look? Botox can relax the strong muscles that pull those brows down. Why is it that abdominal muscles weaken with age but those brow muscles keep their strength?

4.         You aren’t ready for a neck lift but you now understand the term “turkey neck”. The stringy appearance of your neck when you clench your jaw is not a favorite among most.  Botox is often used “off-label” to soften prominent platysmal bands in the neck that make us look like we are dead-lifting a small car.

5.         You want an effective way to prevent future wrinkles.  When certain muscles in the face contract over and over, such as those that cause frown lines, those lines become permanent.  Collagen breaks down in the areas that are repeatedly contracted.

6.         When you smile, you see more gum than teeth. Some people (such as the author) see NO tooth at all in smiling photos, only gums!  Small amounts of Botox, when used off-label can give many people the pretty smile that shows your pearly whites instead of the pink gums.

7.         You have “bunny” lines from scrunching your nose up.  Those horizontal lines on the bridge of the nose are cute on bunnies but not so cute in the mirror…and it may be time to increase the magnification on those reading specs.

8.         Your crow’s feet used to be a couple of cute, little smile lines but now your eye makeup slides into your hairline on a hot day.  Those formerly charming little lines coming from the corner of your eyes no longer add character after a certain point.  Botox is FDA approved to treat those pesky age-indicators.

9.         You want 6 months of not having to worry about using underarm deodorant/antiperspirant to combat sweat spots on your shirts.  Really.  No deodorant needed . . .at all.

10.       Botox (brand name botulinum) has been safely used for over 30 years, even in children (not for wrinkles, but for spastic muscular conditions).

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