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You may not think it matters what time of year you choose to schedule rhinoplasty surgery, but there are some built-in advantages to having the procedure performed during the summer. As a rhinoplasty specialist in Orlando, I counsel my patients about timing their procedures and also about issues such as limiting sun exposure after surgery.

If you live in a warm-weather area such as Orlando and are considering rhinoplasty (a “nose job”), summer may be the best time of year for your surgery for a number of reasons.


The advantages of scheduling your procedure during the summer include:

Time off to recover

  • If you’re in school, it’s likely that you have the summer off. Rhinoplasty patients in their late teens or early 20s who are in high school or college often find that the summer break provides an ideal time to schedule their procedure.
  • Work often slows down during the summer at many jobs, which means taking time off can be more convenient.
  • If you’re concerned about privacy, there is less chance that friends or co-workers will ask about your absence because they expect you to take time off during the summer.
  • Summer is a great time to binge-watch a favorite Netflix show or catch up on reading — something you can do during your recovery.

Timing of procedure

  • Plastic surgeons often have more flexibility in their schedules during the summer months.


On the other hand, patients considering a summer rhinoplasty procedure should consider:

  • Sun exposure: Your skin is more sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation after rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty incisions are very small and usually imperceptible, but prolonged sun exposure while healing can cause hyperpigmentation. If you’re planning a beach day within 6 weeks of surgery, wear a hat and re-apply sunscreen to your nose throughout the day.
  • Heat and humidity: High temperatures and humidity can cause your body to retain more water, which increases swelling.
  • What about vacation? Taking time off to recover from rhinoplasty may mean you have less time available for a summer vacation, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Summer Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

In Orlando the average high temperature is 72 degrees or above, and most of the year we enjoy days in the 80s and 90s. And because we live in a subtropical climate, the humidity tends to linger. Therefore, the following recovery tips really apply to rhinoplasty patients no matter when they have surgery.

Avoid sun exposure

This really can’t be emphasized enough. Stay indoors as much as possible for at least a month after surgery, preferably longer. If you do need to be outside, wear a hat and sunscreen. And even though protecting your eyes from the glare of the summer sun is important, avoid wearing sunglasses for at least a month after nose surgery. The weight of heavy-rimmed glasses can compromise your recovery.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help minimize the additional swelling that heat and humidity can cause. This is another good reason to remain indoors during the warmest parts of the day.

No Hard Workouts

Many of my rhinoplasty patients exercise regularly, which is great. But you’ll need to take some time off from strenuous workouts, which can increase swelling and the risk of other complications. Swimming, as you may guess, is another activity to avoid. It’s especially harmful if you submerge your head underwater.

Rhinoplasty recovery typically goes quite smoothly for my patients. If you’re considering scheduling surgery, I can answer any questions you have about the procedure itself or the recovery. You can also visit our rhinoplasty FAQ page and browse our photo gallery showing my patients before and after their surgeries.

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