Rhinoplasty in Orlando

Dr. Edward J Gross is a double board-certified specialist in rhinoplasty, with 20 years experience in facial plastic surgery. After graduating with honors from the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Gross trained at Tufts and Boston University. Respected by his peers, Dr. Gross is now the President-elect of the FL. Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and is on staff at OrlandoRegional MedicalCenter, and he has established Primera Surgery Center, an AAAASF accredited surgery center.
Board certified in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Gross has a detailed understanding of nasal anatomy, form,  and function.  His extensive background in reconstructive facial surgery uniquely qualifies him to perform rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, arguably the most demanding and complex plastic surgery procedures in the US today.

Named “Best Plastic Surgeon” by Orlando Magazine readers, he has gained recognition as Orlando’s Rhinoplasty expert. He performs nose surgery to correct or improve the appearance of a number of conditions. Common conditions include crooked nose, long nose, saddle nose, wide nose, ethnic nose, short nose, nasal blockages, sports injury, childhood injury of nose, nasal hump reduction, tip elevation, tip lifting and shortening, nostril narrowing, nose bridge narrowing, and breathing improvement.

He also offers septoplasty to correct a deviated septum, as well as nasal turbinate cautery to effect nasal airway improvement. Nasal implants can improve the appearance of the nose. Cartilage grafts may use either septal nose or conchal ear cartilage. Osteotomies re-setting the nasal bones bring in sidewalls and reduce the wideness of bridge and tip. Dr. Gross also provides revision rhinoplasty, a corrective procedure for a failed nose job.

Dr. Gross performs Ethnic rhinoplasties that improve function and form of the nasal shape while preserving the distinct ethnic beauty of the nose. Ethnic nose variations include Asian, African-American, and Latino Hispanic, which may need structural support. Caucasian nose hump reduction and straightening is also a popular procedure, as is nasal bridge elevation or reduction and nostril reshaping. Dr. Gross’ artistic judgement and understanding of ethnic facial variations are key to performing Ethnic rhinoplasty.

Dr. Gross combines careful pre-op measurements and computer images with an artistic eye and attention to detail. A good Rhinoplasty result should whisper across the room, not shout. He is a controlled and delicate surgeon, a gentle sculptor who uses refined and advanced techniques to achieve refined yet noticeable results. Dr. Gross uses Open Approach Rhinoplasty for greater visualization and direct control of nasal tip. This provides more predictable outcomes and can substantially improve the aesthetic look and function of the nose.

At Primera Plastic Surgery Center, we provide patient references and a large volume of Before and After photos to help you make your decision. You will see how Dr. Gross has helped many patients achieve a better more balanced profile. A computer imager can be used to determine the best fit for your individual facial features, and your potential “after” results will be demonstrated on the computer imager by Dr. Gross.

Dr. Gross uses minimally invasive techniques and preserves the inner lining of nasal membranes, as he takes into consideration skin thickness, nasal height, nostril symmetry and width, nasal labial angle, chin position, and ethnicity. His extra care and precision, combined with nearly two decades of experience in the rhinoplasty procedure results in perfectly targeted treatment with less downtime and a natural appearance, a natural appearance, and minimal bruising and pain.

A rhinoplasty is approximately a two to two-and-a-half hour procedure at the Primera Surgery Center. The same day surgery is an outpatient procedure, with general anesthesia provided. After anesthesia, an adult driver is needed to take the patient home. You will experience an easy at-home recovery process, with ice compresses needed on your forehead for the first two to three days to minimize swelling. Arnica tablets will be provided to reduce bruising and speed healing. No packing in the nose allows for greater comfort during the recovery process.

Patients are often able to return to school or work in just one week. A return visit is necessary after one week for cast and suture removal, allowing you to return to work the day the case is removed looking quite normal and natural. Although the reveal is exciting, you should expect your rhinoplasty results to continue improving over the first year as swelling gradually subsides. It is expected that you will experience some temporary numbness at the tip of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is for men and women both and is common between ages 16 and 35. When you are in the experienced hands of Dr. Gross, you will enjoy smooth precise results and a quick recovery.

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