Open your Eyes to Looking Younger

Blepharoplasty (or eyelid surgery) is one of the most gratifying plastic surgery procedures and also the most common area of need for men and women. This procedure can correct drooping upper eyelids and puffy bags below the eyes by removing excess fat, skin, and tightening muscle. These uncomplimentary features may make you look much older and tired when you actually feel rather young and vigorous.During surgery, I make necessary adjustments to the eyelid muscles for smoother, long-lasting results.

Blepharoplasty will also improve, but not eliminate, dark circles under your eyes.

How to know you are a candidate for eyelid surgery:

  • Excess skin obscuring the natural fold of the upper eyelids
  • Loose skin hanging down from the upper eyelids, perhaps impairing vision
  • A puffy appearance to the upper eyelids, making the eyes look tired.
  • Excess skin and fine, “crepe paper type” wrinkles of the lower eyelids.
  • Bags and/or dark circles under the eyes
  • Lower eyelid droopiness


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