Making the Right Choice

As Medicine has changed over the years, so too has the practice of Plastic Surgery. With reimbursements for primary care doctors declining, we are seeing increasing numbers of doctors claiming to be “cosmetic surgeons” in an effort to escape the insurance-based reductions in their revenues. Weekend lipo courses, weekend facelift seminars, and even “Botox for Dummies” are attracting unqualified doctors with questionable training and backgrounds. After taking a crash course, they return to their offices with a shingle claiming to be trained to perform cosmetic procedures, but in fact have nothing more than a medical license and a certificate to show. Moreover, cosmetic procedures such as Lifestyle lifts, have become franchises and are mass marketed to the public as a one-size fits-all approach emphasizing speed over quality.

Facial Plastic Surgeons and General Plastic Surgeons are the widely recognized experts in performing cosmetic surgery. We have completed a dedicated 5-year surgical residency program and are required to pass a two-day written and oral board certification exam. The public should research the credentials of those providers offering services outside their recognized field of expertise and question the training of doctors who attend “weekend courses” in cosmetic procedures. There are legitimate concerns for patient safety and poor outcomes when unlicensed providers treat un-informed patients.

I proudly display our seal of certification from the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. To earn this distinction, I had to complete a 5-year residency in Head & Neck Surgery at Tufts and Boston University and was then granted a Fellowship in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. I was then required to pass a two-day board certification process and I have continued to work with the board as an examiner for new doctors. I’m past President of the Seminole County Medical Society and President of the Florida Society of Facial Plastic Surgery. Click the link below to learn more about my background and training.

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