In Their Words: Real Patients Tell Why They Got Facial Surgery

I’m confident that most of my colleagues would agree that hearing patients describe their excitement and appreciation for their surgical results is the perhaps greatest reward of our chosen profession. The women and men I treat at my Orlando practice — whether for a facelift or BOTOX® injections — inspire me each and every day.

I’d like to highlight some of these stories and explain why they mean so much to both my staff and me. These are real patients who trusted us to provide excellent results in a safe, comfortable environment.

Actual facial plastic surgery patient in Orlando, FL

Ann – Actual Patient

Ann took a straightforward approach to overcoming her anxiety. After researching my background, she scheduled a consultation to learn about the best options for rejuvenating her appearance. As I would with any patient, I made sure to take as much time as necessary to answer Ann’s questions. She left feeling comfortable and confident, and her commitment to collaboration remained throughout her treatment process.


Cheryl – Actual Patient

When Cheryl came in for her initial consultation, she wanted a mini facelift to refresh her appearance before her son’s wedding. An essential part of my job is to help patients envision their full potential. So I suggested that rhinoplasty could create facial harmony and balance in a way that a facelift alone couldn’t accomplish. We used computer imaging to show Cheryl what we could do, and she, like many patients who use this technology, was just thrilled. It’s a wonderful tool for our practice that sometimes elicits very emotional reactions.

Actual facial plastic surgery patient Crista smiling with head tilted

Crista – Actual Patient

People considering facial plastic surgery are often worried the results will appear fake. That’s not the goal of cosmetic surgery. Crista is an excellent example why I strive to get natural-looking results that draw compliments, not negative attention. She looks refreshed, rested, and beautiful.



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