How to Look Your Best for Zoom Meetings When You Can’t Get Fillers

ZoomWith so many people now working and learning from home, video meetings have become a necessary practice. People want to know how they can look bright and professional on-camera—even when using an old laptop on the kitchen table.

Fillers like JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® are a popular way for Orlando-area patients to look more youthful and alert. Here are a few ways you can rejuvenate your conference meeting look at home.

Adjust your camera

Perspective plays one of the biggest roles of looking good on camera. Be sure to have your laptop at eye level and not looking up at you from below. A lower angle can make your face and neck appear wide and unflattering. If you need help getting your camera into eye contact range, try stacking some books underneath your laptop.

Make the most of filters

Luckily for all of us, Zoom has a built-in beauty filter that can smooth away imperfections. Try going into your app settings and switching on the “Touch Up My Appearance” filter. If you’re still looking for an extra boost, make sure the source of light in your room is in front of you, not behind you. Being backlit by a window can overexpose the camera and turn you into a shadowy figure. By having a light source in front of you, your face will be gently and evenly well-lit.

Maximize your makeup

Start with a good foundation—it can do wonders for your appearance. Despite not being in the office, still do your makeup like you would on a normal workday. It doesn’t take long to put together a polished makeup look that works well for your webcam. Sticking with the basics—such as a bold lip and well-groomed brows—reads well on camera and can help you appear more confident and alert.

Plan for the future

Web camera tips and tricks work well for the time being. However, your beauty plans won’t be put on hold forever. Our patients can still request virtual consultations to discuss treatments that are part of their regular beauty routines or come in to the office for BOTOX® or filler touch-ups. Whether you’re interested in trying fillers or are in need of tweakments, these procedures can help you look good on camera and in real life. Our staff will be happy to walk you through your options and schedule an in-office appointment.

Adjusting to Zoom meetings and video chats can be a challenging experience. But by understanding your camera and working your best angles, you can look put-together and professional in no time.

If you would like to learn more about your dermal filler options in the Orlando area, contact our practice by phone at (407) 333-3040 to request an in-office appointment today!

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