How Long Does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Last?

When getting a non-surgical nose job with dermal fillers, our Orlando patients have many questions about the procedure, results, and recovery. You likely do, too, especially about how long your results will last. In general, a “liquid” nose job can last from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the amount of filler material used and how quickly your body breaks it down. Regular touch-up treatments can keep your results fresh for the long term.

Both men and women opt for a non-surgical nose job, also called a liquid rhinoplasty, because they want to subtly tweak and fine-tune their noses without surgery. According to RealSelf, while this is a quick procedure, you need an experienced, knowledgeable injector, such as a master-certified provider, overseen by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, as fillers have the potential for complications when placed in the nose.

During the procedure, your provider will inject dermal fillers to create a more balanced and proportional nose. A non-surgical nose job can improve the nose tip, nose bridge, or the appearance of a crooked nose. The treatment itself usually takes less than 30 minutes. Most people experience some minor swelling, bruising, and redness after the treatment but can usually return to their regular activities the same day. The only recovery restrictions are no exercise for 48 hours and no glasses for one week.

For longer-lasting results, you can also opt for a surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Edward J. Gross is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who performs more than 120 rhinoplasty surgeries a year. To learn more about a non-surgical nose job procedure please request a consultation or call or text us at  (407) 333-3040 to schedule an appointment.

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