Is Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon ‘The Best?’

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We hear it all the time, especially in the plastic surgery field: this surgeon is “the best” or that practice is “top-notch.” But what do these superlatives really mean, and should a plastic surgeon be so bold as to claim to be the greatest?

Personally, I believe that if a surgeon has top-notch qualifications, awards, and testimonials, it is appropriate to let his or her patients know. Think of it this way: You go to the doctor with a serious medical issue and before your treatment, you ask the doctor how long he or she has been in practice and if the physician is an expert in the particular procedure. How would you feel if the doctor replied, “I’m pretty good” or, “I’m so-so”? Not comforting, right?

As physicians, we want to be modest, but surgical consultations are not always the time to be humble. It’s about striking a balance between being boastful and being reassuring. Physicians need to let their experience and reputation do the talking.

Here are 6 ways to tell if your rhinoplasty surgeon is among the very best:

1. Key qualifications: First and foremost, you want a plastic surgeon who specializes in faces. Facial plastic surgery is truly an art form. It takes highly refined skills to make the delicate changes needed to produce beautiful, natural-appearing results. Second, look for skills and training that set your surgeon apart, such as a certification from a prestigious medical board. This means your doctor has passed rigorous examinations.

2. Background: Go ahead, ask your surgeon why he or she became a facial plastic surgeon. Ideally, a passion for helping people through medicine should be deeply rooted or even in his or her blood! When your physician is passionate at work, it shows in the end results.

3. Patient testimonials: As a plastic surgeon, I know that you can sing your own praises all you want, but reviews and testimonials often tell the true story. When researching your surgeon, looking for phrases like “the best,” “I recommend all of my friends,” and “caring.”

4. The importance of media contributions: Media outlets can be choosy when it comes to selecting a surgeon to weigh in on a health story. Review which publications or broadcasts have featured your physician and keep an eye out for recommendations in local “best of” lists, such as “Best of Orlando.”

5. Commitment to continuing education: The field of facial plastic surgery continues to evolve. A surgeon should be dedicated to staying on top of the latest techniques and technology. Typically, a physician with a passion for learning will still be connected to a higher learning institution, either through a teaching position or mentorship program.

6. Ways he or she gives back: The final element to a well-rounded rhinoplasty surgeon is community involvement. You want to choose someone who takes time to help others, whether they be victims of domestic violence, children, or our nation’s heroes. These are all signs of a physician who truly cares about his work.

If you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Florida, be sure to keep this checklist handy. I hope it helps you find the surgeon who is the “best fit” to make you happy — because ultimately, that is what matters most.

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