The Facelift Experience at Primera

There’s no way around it: A facelift — whether here in Orlando or somewhere else — is a pretty intimate experience. Any surgery is, because you’re putting your body, quite literally, in the hands of a surgeon. It’s particularly true with plastic surgery, though, because you’re entrusting your appearance as well as your health to your chosen surgeon. You must confess to him or her the things that make you feel self-conscious and insecure. That kind of vulnerability only feels do-able in a warm and welcoming environment.

That’s why I often say that outside the operating room, being a good listener is probably the most essential skill for a facial plastic surgeon to have. We’ve designed the consultation process to make you feel as comfortable as possible, every step of the way.

Your Consultation

When you arrive for your initial consultation, we will check you in out front, then call you back to our examination rooms with (hopefully) minimal wait time. There, a member of our staff will ask you a few standard medical questions and begin to get a feel for what’s motivating your desire for a facelift. It’s important to respond as thoroughly as you can, because your answers help us develop an individualized treatment plan.

After you’ve had a few minutes to relax and share some background information with one of my assistants, I will come in and introduce myself. From there, you and I will really work together to come up with a tangible concept of what your ideal results will look like. I will examine your face and determine whether you are a good candidate for a facelift or perhaps another procedure, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery. Combining procedures may also be an option.

During this process, I will take several photos of you, which I upload to our computer imaging system. In my experience, computer imaging is the best way to solidify our communication about your goals because we can both look at the “after” you’re striving for — before undergoing any procedure.

If a facelift is the right path for you, I will then spend some time walking you through the aspects of my preferred technique for either a mini or full facelift, with a discussion about the incision locations and the areas of the face where you can expect to see the most dramatic results.

We’ll go through a Top 10 Questions List to address some of the concerns I hear most often.

Next, we’ll review Stages of Healing photos to help patients get a better idea of what to expect each day after surgery.

After that, we’ll review before-and-after photos of some of my previous facelift and mini facelift patients right here in Orlando. You can see more real patient results photos by clicking on the before-and-after images below.

See real patient facelift pictures from Orlando.

Finally, I always reserve some time at the end of your consultation for any questions you may have. It’s important to us that you leave that consultation with a clear idea of what a facelift could mean for you, so that you’re very well equipped to decide whether you would like to pursue the surgery after all.

Your Surgery and Follow-up Visits

If you do decide to return for your surgery, we begin by reviewing everything from your initial consultation. Since some time has passed in between, I often find that patients appreciate the opportunity to revisit certain questions, and new ones usually arise, too.

Afterward, I mark the face for your incisions, place you in the care of our anesthetist, and perform your procedure once you’re safely under general anesthesia.

I will ask you to return about 2 days later so that we can take your bandages off, remove your surgical drain, clean your incisions, and send you back home with fresh bandages. A week after that, you’ll finally have the “big reveal”: We will again remove your bandages and clean your incisions, and this time we will also remove your sutures. It’s always an exciting moment for patients, and I enjoy the privilege of being with them for that first look.

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