Does a String Rhinoplasty Really Work?

I was recently asked by a patient, “Does a string rhinoplasty really work?” The answer, in short, is no.

A string rhinoplasty involves wrapping a string around the nose and back of the head in the hopes it will help support the nasal tip and gradually change the shape of the nose.

Apparently, the patient tried this when she was younger in an effort to reduce the size of her nose and lift the droopy tip. What this really goes to prove, is that patient’s become self-aware and self-conscious of their nose from a very early age. In my experience, most patients for rhinoplasty have noticed that their nose was disproportionately large, had a bump, or was too big for their face from the age of 12 or 13 years old. This is usually accompanied by teasing or bullying in middle school and leads to loss of self-esteem and anxiety.

Returning to the string theory, this is not a viable option to change the appearance of a nose either as a child, teenager or adult. In fact, this may actually cause some injury or damage to the nose so I would not recommend it.

Neither is squeezing the nose, pushing the tip of or squeezing the nasal bridge in an effort to make the nose narrower.  These types of exercises are helpful however after cosmetic rhinoplasty in her known as digital compressions or massaging.  We have educational videos on nose compressions after rhinoplasty on our YouTube page.

Additionally, Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Threads is prone to complications and is not a solution to re-shaping the long nose, the hooked nose or bulbous tip.

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