How Computer Imaging Helps Me Plan a Facelift

Learn about facial imaging at Primera Plastic SurgeryMy Orlando-area patients undergoing facelift surgery and other facial sculpting procedures often find it easy to get swept up in the possibilities of their results. And why not? Envisioning the ultimate result of plastic surgery is arguably the most enjoyable part of the process. As a surgeon, I also understand the need to ensure these visions are accurate and realistic so that they match what I’m also envisioning. As you can imagine, planning surgery without a tangible image can be a challenge.

This challenge is the primary reason I’ve chosen to incorporate a computer imaging system into my practice. Using the system’s special camera, we take photos of your face from several different angles during your consultation. The photos are then uploaded to the system, allowing us to digitally manipulate an image and review some of the possibilities for your surgery.

I use computer imaging for a variety of procedures, but it’s especially helpful in a facelift surgery, which can have dramatic results. Together, we go over your images and virtually “try on” different options, making adjustments to the jowls, neck, and mid-face as we go. I can show you what it would look like to add fat grafting to your treatment to plump up the cheeks, for instance, or even show you how your result would look if you wanted to add an eyelid or brow surgery. In the end, the goal is to reach an image that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically realistic.

This process helps us get on the same page for expectations, and it’s also a really fulfilling process for patients, who get to visualize themselves after surgery for the first time. We email patients their before-and-after images following their appointments.

I’m one of only a few local doctors who offers this technology, and my patients have taken notice. Watch Dallas’ video testimonial on this page to hear her experience, including how her own digital imaging session influenced her results.

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