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Strategies to look younger this year without a facelift in Orlando

3 Strategies to Look Younger in the New Year

I often meet the most new faces this time of year. There is something about ringing in the new year and the celebration of Father Time that reminds us of our lot from Mother Nature: how quickly we exhibit the signs of aging, how well our skin weathers decades of sun damage, and whether the …

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Learn about rhinoplasty in Orlando

Is Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon ‘The Best?’

We hear it all the time, especially in the plastic surgery field: this surgeon is "the best" or that practice is "top-notch." But what do these superlatives really mean, and should a plastic surgeon be so bold as to claim to be the greatest? Personally, I believe that if a surgeon has top-notch qualifications, awards, …

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Learn how Dr. Gross gives back to our nation's veterans.

How Plastic Surgery Benefits Veterans

I have a natural passion for helping people. It's a large part of what led me to my career as facial plastic surgeon. There's no feeling quite like the one that comes after watching a patient see smooth skin again where wrinkles used to be or watching a rhinoplasty patient see a reshaped nose for …

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Learn more about facelift surgery in Orlando

5 Insider Tips for Facial Plastic Surgery Recovery

During each consultation for eyelid surgery, facelift, and other similar procedures here in my Orlando-area practice, I emphasize the importance of giving yourself the time you need to rest and recuperate. Indeed, how you care for yourself after surgery is nearly as important as choosing the right surgeon in the first place. I give each …

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Learn about facial imaging at Primera Plastic Surgery

How Computer Imaging Helps Me Plan a Facelift

My Orlando-area patients undergoing facelift surgery and other facial sculpting procedures often find it easy to get swept up in the possibilities of their results. And why not? Envisioning the ultimate result of plastic surgery is arguably the most enjoyable part of the process. As a surgeon, I also understand the need to ensure these visions …

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Learn about our non-surgical treatments

4 Common KYBELLA™ FAQs, Answered

As a facial plastic surgeon, I often meet patients in Orlando who long for a more contoured profile, but aren't ready for surgical intervention, such as a facelift, chin implant, or liposuction. Until recently, there were few non-surgical alternatives to correct submental fullness, most commonly known as "double chin." But a new injectable treatment has …

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Is it time for a facelift?

Ask the Surgeon: Timing Your Facelift Surgery

Patients interested in getting facelift surgery at my Orlando-area practice often wonder about issues of timing. The procedure is an excellent way to turn back the clock on the signs of aging, but it's important to plan it for a time that's right for a person's lifestyle. Let's take a look at some of the …

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Orlando-based plastic surgeon's approach to facelift

Is There Such a Thing as the Perfect Face?

Plastic surgeons hear from our patients often that they want the "perfect face" after a rhinoplasty or a facelift, for instance. But as I tell my Orlando patients, what's perfect for one person may not be perfect for the next. That being said, there are certainly some common ideals of beauty. Recently, researchers have attempted …

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Learn more about plastic surgery for men.

The Male Plastic Surgery Surge: Top 3 Procedures for Men

You may have seen the recent Time magazine cover story that essentially proclaimed getting cosmetic procedures is the new normal for most aging people in the U.S. That is hyperbole, of course, but statistics definitely show a surge in plastic surgery, and men are helping fuel the increase. We've seen more and more men for …

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Your options for facial rejuvenation at Primera Plastic Surgery in Orlando, FL, including facelift

3 Reasons Facelift Surgery Is Still the ‘Gold Standard’

These days, it seems a new non-surgical treatment comes out every month or so that helps people reverse the signs of facial aging. Although many of these injectables, laser and energy treatments, and other services can be wonderful options for certain patients at my Orlando practice, there's still nothing as effective as facelift surgery. It's …

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