Learn what to expect during your BOTOX appointment with Dr. Gross in Orlando

What to Expect During Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Appointment

Thanks to its convenience, ease, and proven wrinkle-smoothing results, BOTOX is by far one of the most popular procedures we perform here in the office. There are plenty of physicians who offer BOTOX throughout greater Orlando — but I'm proud to say that even with so many options, my regular patients keep coming back because …

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Learn why computer imaging matters for facelift surgery in Orlando.

Success, Visualized: The Power of Computer Imaging

Deciding to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is a big leap of faith. You're trusting a surgeon to interpret your aesthetic goals, then draw from his or her surgical expertise to produce a (hopefully) stunning result. I'm proud to earn that trust with my rhinoplasty and facelift patients every single day here at our Orlando practice -- …

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Dr. Gross of Primera Plastic Surgery offers a few quick tips for adjusting skin care after a BOTOX routine

Making (Small) Adjustments to Skin Care After BOTOX®

For the most part, you can resume your normal daily routine immediately after a BOTOX treatment session, but there are a few things to be careful about -- especially in the first few days. When it comes to your skincare regimen after BOTOX, we do ask our Orlando patients to pay extra attention to a …

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