Greg’s Story*

Greg was so self-conscious about the shape of his nose on one side that he always made sure no one sat on his right side when talking. As a professional educator who is in front of students every day, that wasn’t really a workable solution. So he decided to get rhinoplasty in the Orlando area near his home: a nose job for his 50th birthday! It was either that, he said, or a Lamborghini.

Greg before and after rhinoplasty

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.

Why did you choose Dr. Gross?

As a professional educator, research and education is my thing, and I like to make my own decisions. I am a critical thinker. So I got on my iPad and for almost a year and a half, I researched rhinoplasty in the Orlando area. I looked at YouTube, I looked at advertisements and everything in Central Florida kept coming back to Dr. Gross. So I called Dr. Gross' office and then I went in to see him in Orlando about my rhinoplasty options. I met Dr. Gross and we talked. I discussed with him the fact that I was not comfortable with my nose. It just did not fit my face. He agreed and we continued to talk - we found out we were the same age and we have a lot in common! He just made me feel very comfortable. He made me feel completely at ease about my rhinoplasty options and he made me feel that it was OK for me not to like the aesthetic aspects of my nose. We bonded quickly!

Why did you consider rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose approximately 5 times as far as I can remember - from the time I was a teenager until now. I had put off rhinoplasty for years, and I promised myself on my 50th birthday, I would do 1 of 2 things: purchase a Lamborghini or get rhinoplasty performed to my nose and fix what I perceived to be a cosmetic nightmare. So, I am somewhat surprised to say, I chose rhinoplasty.

What was the day of surgery like?

I was told to be at the office early. I believe it was March 17 at 6 a.m. I was told which door to use. You go to the back, you ring the doorbell, and you come on in and are immediately greeted. They know your name; they make you feel like they really know you before you sit down. You are treated by the nurse anesthesiologist and another nurse and they prep you with the usual IVs. They tell you everything they are going to do before they do it and they put you at ease before the procedure, and then Dr. Gross does even more so.

How long did surgery take?

The surgery lasted approximately 6 hours, including recovery. You can't get a surgery like that and be put under general anesthesia unless you have your wife or someone else you trust to take care of you. So my wife waited for me in the waiting room, and they were very, very gracious to her. They even performed some cosmetic procedures on her while she waited for my procedure to be completed. After 6 and a half hours, my wife drives me home and I went to sleep.

What was your recovery like?

I was told that within 60 days, 90% of my nose swelling would be reduced and then 1% a month thereafter, so within a year I would have no more swelling and I would feel completely back to normal. Well, it's been 4 months since my operation, and right here (points to bridge) the bridge has reduced drastically and the tip is still in reduction. I still have a little bit of numbness in my nose, but every day that goes by, I can visually see a change - sometimes by the day and easily by the week because I take pictures to assess it myself. It is a form of research for me!

Did you have any complications?

I had some excessive bleeding, and Dr. Gross was available on the phone, on text 24/7. He and my wife stayed in contact, and anytime there was a complication or anything that he thought I needed to come in for, he would contact me right then and there. He would get in touch with me in well under an hour. He wouldn't even give me a choice! We could meet at the emergency room or meet in the office. In his office he has a full surgical center, and I recall 2 or 3 times, he met my wife and I in under an hour. Whatever issues I had, he took care of it. I found him extremely accommodating.

What was it like having nose surgery with Dr. Gross?

As a public servant, I have come across HMOs, and I remember quite well the type of care I got. With Dr. Gross, I pay cash, and I find that sort of service much more amenable to me as a patient than any other sort of procedure or any other sort of medical experience I have had. He made himself available at all times, gave me his own personal phone number - we texted back and forth, called each other. Sometimes within a half-hour or an hour he had a meeting set with me and my wife all ready to go. He would perform whatever needed be done. I was not accustomed to that kind of one-on-one care and I appreciated it very much.

Final thoughts?

Dr. Gross' staff is very well trained. They are very friendly. They are polite and make you feel completely at ease. He and his staff are meticulous, and you could see the performance of the staff and its reflection upon him as a surgeon and his overall professionalism. I would recommend Primera Plastic Surgery to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. If you want a great experience, come to Orlando, Florida, to have surgery performed by Dr. Gross. So I am very pleased with my rhinoplasty, and I feel extremely good about myself. Thank you, Dr. Gross.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.