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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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Rhinoplasty Case #478

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Rhinoplasty Before Photo | Orlando, FL | Primera Plastic Surgery
Rhinoplasty After Photo | Orlando, FL | Primera Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Before & After Pictures of Patient #478

Case #478 Details

Angela. Nose Surgery | Rhinoplasty. Orlando.  This 35 year old business woman consulted with us for a reduction rhinoplasty. She was bothered by the large bump on her nose profile. Dr. Gross performed cosmetic rhinoplasty (nose job) and tip plasty to thin her tip. A radix graft was used at the top of her bridge and nostrils were reduced via Weir excision. Bilateral osteotomies were required to narrow her bridge.  Before and After photo results shown at 1 year.

Age: 35
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Light
Race: White
Testimonial: "Dr. Gross and his entire staff made a seemingly uncomfortable task into a life-changing success. I was fully educated, cared for, listened to and pampered throughout each step of the process. On day of surgery, I felt relaxed and prepared for the procedure and the recovery ahead of me. The doctor personally remained in contact with my family to check my progress. There truly is no reason to shop around, Primera and Dr. Gross operate with precision, integrity and the detail that you deserve."
Sun Damage: Mild
Implant Type: None
Procedure Type: Outpatient at Primera Surgery Center
Recovery: 1 week
Breathing Problems: Improved

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