Ann’s Story*

Like a lot of patients in Central Florida, Ann had thought about having cosmetic plastic surgery for a while, but she was anxious about following through. It wasn’t until she accompanied a friend to Dr. Gross’ office that she decided to do some research into his training and experience. She ended up getting a neck lift and eyelid surgery from the Orlando surgeon.


*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.

How did you choose Dr. Gross?

I chose Dr. Gross after someone very close to me had surgery with him, and I met him at that time and was extremely impressed with his caring, his empathy, the way he listened, and the way he explained everything. I had actually been considering having some surgery done for myself at that time. I was super scared. I was afraid to even take the step to meet with the plastic surgeon, let alone do anything else. So after I met Dr. Gross and after I saw the result of what he had done, I decided to check him out a little further, do a little research. Actually, I did a lot of research and was super impressed with his background, his education, his credentials, his philosophy, and feedback from other patients - just all of those things.

What do you think of Primera Plastic Surgery?

The thing I love about Dr. Gross is the way he listens and his demeanor. He's very professional, yet he's a lot of fun and brings a little humor to the process. You get the feeling that he's just a real person who is not only good at what he does but cares about the patient and cares about the outcome. He explains everything. What I found is that all of my questions and concerns were answered and addressed. The staff is not only really capable, but they have that same demeanor - they're friendly and welcoming. They make you feel at home. The personality of the office is set by Dr. Gross. He makes you feel like you're getting together with people that you know and people that you like. The staff is wonderful, competent, and capable, and they really just make you feel special when you're there.

What was your initial consultation like?

So I decided to book my consultation with him, and I went in and it was just the most incredible experience. I was so at ease. I was made to feel so comfortable. He listened to everything that I asked and said and truly paid attention to my concerns and addressed all of them. So I felt extremely, extremely confident and comfortable that Dr. Gross was the best choice for me. For me to trust my face to someone was a huge step for me. I had to be confident and comfortable that the outcome would be what I wanted. One of the things I really liked was the ability to see the before and the after, so that I was sure that he understood what I wanted. I wasn't trying to look 21 again - I just wanted a more youthful look and a softer look, and I really felt comfortable that he was able to do that for me.

What was the day of surgery like?

When I went in, again I felt extremely comfortable. The staff was just amazing, they explained everything to me, start to finish. And actually, Dr. Gross had already done that previously, explained everything in terms of what he would be doing, how he would be doing it, where the stitches and sutures would go - just everything. So I felt pretty confident going in there, but they just made me feel more comfortable. Prior to the surgery, Dr. Gross came in, he chatted with me, and he was just so calming and so soothing to really make me feel comfortable. He explained again what we were going to do and made sure that that was what I understood we were going to do and also talked to me a little bit about the post-op and what that would be like.

What was your neck and eye lift recovery like?

Post-op actually was a breeze. I was super worried about pain and the after-effects of that. I literally had zero pain - none whatsoever. I have pain pills, and I never use them. I did have bruising. I bruise very, very easily, so I had some bruising along my jawline and down into my neck that didn't last too long, and they gave me good instructions in terms of how to cope and deal with that, so the recovery was actually easy. It was actually easier than the nervousness that I felt prior to the surgery. The outcome was what made it all worth it. Dr. Gross did a great job. I don,t feel like I am one of those people that other people look at me and say, "Ah, she had work done," because the outcome was just so natural and soft and exactly what I wanted - a more youthful look and something that enabled me to just really feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.

Final thoughts?

The reason I chose Dr. Gross is because after a huge amount of research and really needing to have the confidence to trust my face to someone that I knew the outcome was going to be what I wanted. After meeting him, after talking with him, after expressing my concerns to him, I just knew that he was the doctor for me. If you're thinking about doing anything - whether it's surgery, whether it's non-surgical, whatever it may be - give Dr. Gross a chance because I'm confident once you meet him, you're going to fall in love with him. You're going to be amazed at his demeanor, at his ability to communicate with you. You're going to be confident, you're going to be comfortable, and you're going to know that he's the right choice for you.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.